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Sunday, September 28, 2014

MOTO 360 How to: setup connect reset & full Review

MOTO 360 How to: setup, connect, reset, specs, and honest review pros and cons, how does moto360 compare vs Pebble, LG G watch R, iwatch, Samsung S only time will tell. (sorry about the pun) The watch in person isn't that big or even heavy it's kinda light really. I think it's the best looking watch so far but needs some updates to fix    when sending text messages. Also i don't mind the battery lasting only 1-2 days but for me the clock should always display time like Pebble watches do.

Friday, September 26, 2014

How to install amplifier / subwoofer, connecting amp wires to car stereo

If you have a small car this amp sub is perfect, kenwood is a great quality, one of the top best for your buck. If you car radio has no rca outputs then just splice into the stereo's out speaker wires going to rear speakers connect to amp input. Use shielded rca cables or don't run power cable along audio wires or else you can get buzzing / interference noises. This Kenwood amplified sub had the best customer reviews on amazon vs Rockford, Pioneer, Alpine were good but too expensive.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to fix Plasma TVs repair troubleshooting service guide!

How to fix Plasma TVs repair troubleshooting service guide
If you got tv power but no picture, check Y sustain and y buffer scan drive boards.
Note: "no standby light" on front of tv can be...
bad ac outlet (reset circuit breaker),
bad connection on power-cord, just secure plug
bad power-board, check for stdby 5v or (3.3v on some TVs)
if you have standby volts then lastly bad main logic board.

Bad X or Z sustain board will give you color distortion. 


Friday, September 19, 2014

How to upgrade Xbox360 slim 4gb hard drive & transfer game saves free easy way!

How to upgrade Xbox360 slim 4gb hard drive HDD install free easy way, save all your game saves and downloadable games and transfer them to new xbox 360 slim 4g and upgrade memory!

How to Jailbreak PS3 usb soft modded 2014

Soft mod PS3 USB new way. How to Jailbreak PS3 - Video Tutorial 2014 - 3.55 OFW to 4.65 CFW [HD]

If you have kids you know they can scratch their games but if the games are installed on the ps3 hard drive then you never have to buy the same game twice again.

Monday, September 15, 2014

How to fix Samsung Plasma TV Y sustain main board repair kit!

How to fix Samsung Plasma TV Y sustain main board repair kit! Samsung BN96-06086A Y-Main Board Component Repair Kit.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to use Soldering iron / blowtorch welder review

                                "soldering iron" "blow torch" welder uses butane gets hot as 1022f / 550c, lasts about 40 minutes. Weller, Huhushop, Iso-tip, radio shack makes cordless butane soldering irons.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Common DLP TV repair for Toshiba, Samsung HL, Mitsubishi WD models

Common fix for DLP TVs Samsung HL, Mitsubishi WD, Toshiba 57HM167, 65HM167 is DLP chip.
Free Samsung TV fix by repair warranty service tech for DLP models HL-P, HL-R, HL-S, HL-T, see link below. In most DLP TVs the lamp goes out first then sometimes capacitors in power board swell up and color wheel goes bad. Also DLP chip in light engine may go bad time to time, sometimes these parts are covered by extended warranty just go to TV brand website. If you have no picture or dots, shadows on screen then suspect it is bad DLP chip. if TV does not turn on it can be bad power board or main logic board. if the DLP light bulb (dlp lamp) in the back vent is NOT lighting up then DLP lamp is bad, just order a lamp for your tv model and install it by opening the small door on the back panel (lamp just slides out & in) .

How to fix Westinghouse LCD TV EW40T4FW, B12083895 Board repair

How to fix Westinghouse LCD TV

EW40T4FW, B12083895 Board UF11 repair. EEprom IC chip will fix most no power Westinghouse EW40T4FW TVs. Bad part location on main video board is UF11 (green board).
First unplug TV. EEprom can be removed by 30watt solder iron and desoldering wire but don't over heat board. use tweezers to slowly pull out eeprom. when working on TVs work in a static free area like a garage (off rugs and carpet) . i recommend using thin rubber gloves try to hold eeprom's body, don't touch the pins. put new eeprom in by lining up the circle depression in corner of eeprom to the marker dot or stripe on the board. Next solder the pins to board (don't over heat pins on eeprom or board) soldering each pin should only take 1-2 seconds for each pin. Double check your work, make sure solder didn't overflow and solder 2 pins together. Now test your TV. Let us know if it fixes your TV. Share this blog if it does, thanks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to repair / fix Panasonic tv TC-50PU54, TC-P50U50, TC-P50UT50

How to repair / fix Panasonic tv TC-50PU54, TC-P50U50, TC-P50UT50,

Panasonic TXNSS1SDUU (TNPA5623) SS Board Component Repair Kit.