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Monday, July 17, 2017

Easy way How to turn off auto play on Facebook videos FOREVER!

Facebook likes to inflate their video views with autoplay feature on the videos to impress the advertisers and compete with Youtube but this can drain your battery and be annoying so here is how to disable that autoplay feature in Facebook. you are welcome!

Super Easy Way How to hide wires in a wall and find studs without fish rods and stud finder

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Beats solo 2 wireless bluetooth 4.0, good bass, ear pads sit on ear, compact, comes with audio wire so when battery dies just plugin and soft case, also battery lasts 12hrs-
Acura Pro is wireless bluetooth 4.0, great bass, ear pads sit around ear, compact, comes audio wire when battery dies just plugin to continue listening to music, and hard case, also battery last 20hrs+

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Top best Bluetooth headsets for under 50.

Thinkcase headset is great value at 19.99, it charges in 1 hour and battery lasts 5 hours. It is water resistant and has controls on ear case. click here: Thinkcase headset Amazon deal.
Coulax Smart-magnet headset is unique headset. It answers a call by just separating the 2 earpieces and hangs up by reconnecting magnetic ear pieces together. For 35.99 it's a good deal, mark down from $100. it also connects to 2 devices at once and sweat-proof click here for deal: Coulax magnet headset deal.

LG tone is a nice headset with magnetic ear piece holders and 10 hour battery. They are little bulky but price dropped from $60. to $49. Click here for LG tone deal.

Tredwoo is aluminum magnetic headset but is not smart magnetic like Coulax. It's looks like Beats but lacks it's bass booster like Beats offers. However for 35 it's a good deal. Click here for Tredwoo magnet headset deal.
Smart sunglasses Bluetooth headset was bound to happen, it's one of those inventions you think about inventing but later find out somebody already invented it. It has polarized lens and bluetooth all in one with great battery life 10 hours. The headset sound great but looks a little nerdy. Click here for smart sunglasses Amazon deal.