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Monday, June 20, 2011

How can i make my tv last longer?

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  1. Any electronics enemy is Heat, Moisture, and Surges

    prevent Heat by-
    Keep TV settings under 75% like contrast and brightness levels, keep TV in vented open area and clean heat vent holes, the vent holes are on the back of TV top part is the most important to keep clean cause heat raises, and needs to escape or tv will turn into a oven inside, if you have pets clean vents weekly, pet hair stick to tv cause of static charge attracts pet hairs.

    Prevent moisture-
    keep tv out of bathroom with showers and away from pool areas also saltwater if you live near the beach will really effect electronics due to corrosion. if want tv in these areas you need a fan or a vent near them.

    Prevent surges-
    best way is to unplug tv from wall during lightning storm or buy surge protector with a AC filter, but any surge protector is better than none at all.