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Monday, July 18, 2011

Facebook vs Google Plus vs Myspace?

Google +, G+ G +


  1. Google + Please add "adsense" or amazon commission gadget Sell tools to help us make money in these rough times.

  2. Myspace was good when Tom ran it, but News corp commercialized it and made it crappy, but now that Justin Timberlake owns it, it would be cool if he did what Tom did and be your first friend on Myspace, even if he or secatary wrote once a day in group message "yo what's new?"

    Facebook is getting greedy with it's over the top ads that make Mark Zuckerburg rich off our network of friends, and selling off personal info to advertizers behind our backs, and updates that leave your facebook go public instead of private with friends view only.

    Google +, has common sense down pack, friends circles makes sense cause you wouldn't want business mixed with family and family mixed with buddies, plus video chat with google + is seemless, google knows whats up, google chrome is the fastest web browser and youtube is rising fast since Google bought youtube from those paypal guys for $500 mill. . Now youtube is worth $5 billion and is top 3 websites in the world. Maybe cause this money train is sharing the wealth instead of hogging it all for himself, people like Fred on youtube make 6 figures and even Annoying Orange too make over $100K a year. If Google does Adsense with Google + like it does with your Youtube videos and, I'm not going to say no to money, even if it's .99 cents a day. Cause at the end of the day that's a free Xmas gift at the end of the year, Google + got you a PC or Xbox360. But if you Network of buddies gets big, you can make more money, imagine your wife, a stay at home mom bringing in $4k a month, which it can be done on Youtube & Blogger but on G+ social networking too, I just hope Google + adds "Adsense" to it's list of successful websites, so poor people with friends can make $$$ to buy something nice.
    Go Google share your wealth! Just good plain old Karma!

    Wait till the end of the year to see who is left behind. I thinks it will be sneaky greedy Facebook Aka Myspace 2 ripoff, people are like moths to light but instead people follow the money. social networking and make $$$ = success

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