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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What is best deal for 50" tv?

Lowest and cheapest TV's with lowest repairs, LG Vizio Samsung Sony Sanyo Panasonic

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  1. I like LG Plasma cause picture is nice menu is easy to use, can label inputs low repairs too you can buy 50" around $600 to the Amazon link to the right, plus I get 5-10% commission too :)
    Also Vizio TV are #1 best value and North America top seller cause you get wifi (netflix youtube) and new passive 3d 55" lcd tv for around $1K, buy it at the Amazon Link to the right. Picture I give it a A- and LG A- but I give Samsung Smart TV A+ that TV can search the web fully
    ***Remember Plasma TVs are cheaper but still hold up to LCD quality, but LCD seems to have lower repairs cause it puts out less watts and heat. So less of a load on the tv power supply.