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Friday, April 5, 2013

Top best video sharing websites to make money, earn cash for your videos.

YouTube & Metacafe and Dailymotion are the Top Best video sharing sites to earn money you must sign up for their partnership program to earn cash, they pay out once a month. It must be your own original video recordings. They must be clean too. some Vloggers earn $1000 a month easy. It calculates to be about $5 every 1000 views. Key to success is to have quality and quantity.  Posting 1 video a week. Best time is weekends afternoon EST. If you sign up for paypal and adsense they will pay direct deposit to your account. Hope this helps and good luck to you also check out social blade (rpm) or TGN too if adsense rejected u. Remember follow their rules, don't give up, be positive, learn, be nice to viewers and you'll do fine.

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