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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Easiest Common TV Repair EVER! LCD Flashing Screen Fix


  1. hi there!
    I have a similar screen problem, only the model number is different: LE40A616A3F. In my case the jumpers go from JP801 to JP841, so the one you're mentioning is not there. I would have two questions:
    1. do you know if there's another jumper to be cut off, and in this case do you know its number? (that would be too easy :) )
    2. how sure can I be that replacing the entire board would solve the problem. I found exactly this board and I could just buy and replace it.

    1. Sounds like power board, yes people have cut different jumper and it has worked, just remember to unplug tv 1st, any jumper can be resoldered. hope this helps

    2. check out, they test and warranty their tv boards.

  2. thanks, man!
    shopjimmy is great but i'm in Europe :)

  3. I have a Samsung tv doing the exact same thing. I have model number LN40A550P3F. Would I be cutting a jumper to fix this one and if so where is it located

  4. I have the same model number in the above comment and would love to know also. You could save me an afternoon of snipping and soldering 😊