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Saturday, January 31, 2015

How to fix Vizio TV frozen logo screen and turns off after seconds

How to fix Vizio TV frozen logo screen and turns off after 10 seconds, Vizio M470SL tv doesn't respond to on/off buttons can be bad eeprom on main logic board check here-


  1. hi tampatec I have a Samsung HL 61 a 650 went into the service menu accidentally switched lamp sync now my TV just cuts on and off with no picture showing which EPROM chip do i short out to fix this there are 2 on the underside of the main board and 7on top of the main board model number is BP 96 020 47a also what can I use to clean the board off there is a bunch of gunk on it

  2. Hey Tampatec
    I have a 55" vizio XVT553SV
    My problem is that i turn it on and it powers up and the backlight comes on. However i dont have any picture. Ive pull the back cover hoping to find an obvious failed componet. I dont see anything buldging (cap) or any resistor exploded. I am in tampa also (Hillsborough ave). Id like to get this thing repaired but im a little lost on where to check.
    Can you help? Or can i bring it to you for repair?
    You can email me so we contact each other

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