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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easy common fix Toshiba LCD TV!!!

 Toshiba LCD TV no power, dead pe0702a power board repair Q880, R850, Q820


  1. hi. hi have a toshiba 37xv550p. the sound and picture and good when the tv is first turned on. after 10-20 minutes the back-light turns off. the sound is still there and if i put flash-light up to screen i can see the picture. any idea what this could be ? if i turn off the tv for a few hours then when i turn it back on it works again for another 20 minutes. I am a subscriber, hope you can point me in the right way

  2. Hi, Thanks for great video. I finally found the parts and changed the fusible resistor easily but had issues changing STR-Y6456. Pins are small and while soldering I burnt the board. Is there any way to fix it? Can I recover the burnt part?