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Saturday, April 25, 2015

What Phones have the highest radiation, can phones cause cancer?

The Highest popular current phone SAR (specific absorption rate) is Samsung Galaxy S5 1.58 which is still under the FCC 1.6 max legal limit SAR rating. Some SAR radiation shields may help lower RF radiation. i recommend bluetooth earpieces cause they offer the lowest SAR rating compared to most phones but not class 1 which are 100mw, Class 3 Bluetooth earpieces are better with 1mw transmission. Also having the phone a few inches away from your body will greatly lower radiation exposure. Kids under 12 have higher absorption rate due to the lower thickness of their skull. Note most studies show that phone radiation does not cause cancer but may increase the growth of tumors and biological effects. Even though most electronics may not cause cancer directly it's not recommended to sleep with electric blankets or any electronics within 3ft radius just in case. Only ionizing radiation can cause cancer like X-ray machines, or long term exposure of UV and gamma rays from the sun as seen in the chart below, for more info click
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