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Sunday, June 14, 2015


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LG Urbane                              VS               LG watch R
screen= 1.3" OLED 345ppi      /        screen 1.3" OLED 345ppi  
speed= 1.2ghz snapdragon 512ram / 1.2ghz snapdragon 512ram
software= android wear 5.1      /        android wear 5.1
durability= ip67 waterproof     /        ip67 waterproof 
wifi=    YES+  connects to cloud /         NO
storage= 4gb for music & apps /    4gb for music & apps
speaker= BOTH watches don't have a speaker but does connects to bluetooth speakers and headsets+
mic=              yes                         /            yes
cost=               $350                     /           $250+
battery=     410mah 1-2days      /         410mah 1-2 days
sensors= heart, compass, steps, gps /  heart, compass, steps, gps
watchbands= universal 22mm    /           universal 22mm
Pros= BOTH watches waterproof, side button, touchscreen, round, google voice search, OLED , steel body, MP4 player connects directly to BT headset, 4gb storage, 1.2ghz 512ram
Cons= no speaker, 5.1 update lowered battery to 1 day, auto sends voice text messages before chance to edit message, no keyboard or swipe keyboard for private email / text messages.
size= 33mm diameter, 66g, 11mm / 53mm diameter, 70g, 12mm
body= polish steel                           /            black steel
Charging=  both watches fully charges under 2 hours and lasts 1-2 days, also charge docks are drop and go cause it's magnetic with unique no plugin platform design. +++

LG Watch R is cheaper but Urbane has Wifi, both are very similar, my results tie. these are the top 5 best smartwatches on the market! I had my LG watch R since Jan. 2015 and it's way better than Moto360 i had cause it's faster, battery lasts longer, screen is brighter and nicer. 

Samsung S watch is the only watch currently to compare to smartphones. However complaints about Samsung S watch charging dock breaking after few months is a concern. 

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  1. Can you post or email me a link of where you got the Stainless Steel link band for the Urbane? I saw your video on youtube and you said you were going to post links in the video description, but think you forgot.

    Anyway, I just ordered the Urbane last night (to me it looks the BEST of all the smartwatches out right now....regardless of price) will be needing the band. Also, I was going to buy a tempered glass screen protector for it. Do you have any recommendations?