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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What is Service Menu Codes for All TV Brands? How to enter Service menu FOR Samsung tv??

ON THE RIGHT OF THIS SITE THERE IS A LINK, click on "Service menu codes"


  1. New Samsung PROJO's

    Menu 1 8 3
    for convergence
    vol +,- ccontrol horizontal
    Ch +,- control vertical

    7 red
    8 green
    9 blue

    add/delete saves.


    Service Menu: Turn the power off. On the remote, press Mute followed by 1, 8, 2, Power in sequence. You should now see the service menu. To exit the Service Menu always select RESET. You can also access it with the TV Off by pressing quickly "Info", "Menu" "Mute" and "Power".


    Upon entering the Service Menu, all User Menu settings will revert to factory defaults. This includes all display settings, input assignments, channel programming, etc., and applies even if no changes are made while in the Service Menu (viewing the number of panel hours, for example). Document your existing settings beforehand.

    Record any changes made while in the service menu. Use the tables in chapter 4.2 of the Service Manual as a reference.
    There is no known means of restoring the entire service menu to its original factory settings. Although chapter 4.2 of the Service Manual does appear to document those settings, they have not been confirmed to be the factory defaults. You can at least restore any HDMI input settings using this method.
    Samsung reserves the right to void any warranty claims if you or any unauthorized person modifies settings within the service menu.
    Proceed at your own risk.
    Some users have reported that if you do not select RESET when leaving the service Menu some settings especially brightness will be off.
    Some users have reported that when selecting RESET in the service menu your TV Hours On will be reset to 0.


    Put the TV into standby
    Press the {INFO} {MENU} {MUTE} {POWER} buttons on the remote within 3 seconds (in that order; one-by-one)
    Use the {POWER} button to exit the Service Menu.

  2. or
    1. TV turned off
    2. Press 'Mute' then '182' then 'Power' buttons on the remote.
    You are now in the Adjustment mode
    4. Use the 'Channel up'or"Channel dwn' to select the category.
    5. Use the 'Volume up or dwn' to enter the category.
    note:Some models may not have Category Selection.
    6. Use the 'Channel up or dwn' buttons to select item to be adjusted.
    7. Write down the old value of the item before changing.
    8. Use Volume up and down adjust the value.
    9. When you have made all the adjustments you want turn the set off to exit.

  3. Please, could you tell me where I can find the Service Manual?

  4. My Brother Changed this settings and now My Saumsung TV D5000 46" doesn't Turn On. What can I DO?

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