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Friday, July 15, 2011

What is the best way to Secure my PC?

How to protect or have best protection from Computer Hackers? What steps to do & best security?


  1. 1. "wpa-wpa2" setting on your router with a network wifi key (name and 6 numbers) like "jobobo928374"

    2.use a recommended antivirus program from they are FREE, like Avast! free antivirus or AVG free edition or Others. make sure to register using your email to activate the anti-virus program.

    3. use a secure web broswer like firefox or Opera or Google Chrome, and set the settings to medium or "clear cookies when exiting" and don't accept 3rd party cookies.

    4. run spyware software like "Malware bytes" YES its FREE at

    5. check firewall settings to make sure your setting are safe.

    6.don't safe passwords and make sure all passwords you use are different from each other, YOU can safe passwords in "paintshop" so hacker programs won't scan it, cause it reconizes it as a picture file not a text file.

    *PLEASE anyone who can add to this list please do.

  2. also change router login password if you got a router like netgear or linksys.

  3. Also Add ons from firefox web browser like script blocker and WOT ( web of trust ) will block bad websites from opening up, be safe with wot its the safest way to surf the web.