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Friday, October 7, 2011

How to fix LCD TV?

toshiba blows fuses tech help please


  1. blown fuse.. I think it's rectangle inverter board (about $100- perhaps, it's usaully mounted to the back side of lcd tv, but replace fuse 1st then unplug power cable on inverter board so power supply board isn't connected to inverter board then try it again, & see if fuse blows, if it doesn't it's most likely That board & not the power supply board, repeat that process to the other boards connected to the power supply one at a time

  2. I have a blown fuse on the YSUS board.I replaced the fuse and it did not blow.How do i find out what board blew the fuse? The fuse is where the power goes onto the YSUS board by the connector pins.My problem is that the plasma tv when turned on shuts off, turns on shuts off.Ithink it's the YSUS board.Can you give me your opinion.