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Sunday, October 23, 2011

TV repair service in Tampa 33647?

email me at, note model # & problem in email.


  1. another is 813-802-8787, lcd & plasma speacialist tv repair service in tampa.

  2. 32" Visio hdtv10A
    6years ish old
    Pop of Death I am guessing , heard a pop and no power no indicator light, nothing. has turned itself off a few times before it died.Would like to fix myself but not sure where to start.
    Thanks,I am in Brandon fl
    Oh and that 1yr old screech. I think we are genetically programed to shut down or we will do harm LOL. Have 5 kids myself so I must have mush for brains by now.

  3. I have a problem with a SANYO MODEL DP42849 I push the power button and the green light come out and it does not turn on the TV.