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Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to fix Westinghouse LCD TV EW40T4FW, B12083895 Board repair

How to fix Westinghouse LCD TV

EW40T4FW, B12083895 Board UF11 repair. EEprom IC chip will fix most no power Westinghouse EW40T4FW TVs. Bad part location on main video board is UF11 (green board).
First unplug TV. EEprom can be removed by 30watt solder iron and desoldering wire but don't over heat board. use tweezers to slowly pull out eeprom. when working on TVs work in a static free area like a garage (off rugs and carpet) . i recommend using thin rubber gloves try to hold eeprom's body, don't touch the pins. put new eeprom in by lining up the circle depression in corner of eeprom to the marker dot or stripe on the board. Next solder the pins to board (don't over heat pins on eeprom or board) soldering each pin should only take 1-2 seconds for each pin. Double check your work, make sure solder didn't overflow and solder 2 pins together. Now test your TV. Let us know if it fixes your TV. Share this blog if it does, thanks.

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