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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Common DLP TV repair for Toshiba, Samsung HL, Mitsubishi WD models

Common fix for DLP TVs Samsung HL, Mitsubishi WD, Toshiba 57HM167, 65HM167 is DLP chip.
Free Samsung TV fix by repair warranty service tech for DLP models HL-P, HL-R, HL-S, HL-T, see link below. In most DLP TVs the lamp goes out first then sometimes capacitors in power board swell up and color wheel goes bad. Also DLP chip in light engine may go bad time to time, sometimes these parts are covered by extended warranty just go to TV brand website. If you have no picture or dots, shadows on screen then suspect it is bad DLP chip. if TV does not turn on it can be bad power board or main logic board. if the DLP light bulb (dlp lamp) in the back vent is NOT lighting up then DLP lamp is bad, just order a lamp for your tv model and install it by opening the small door on the back panel (lamp just slides out & in) .

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